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So let’s get started, the Dream YouTube course of Galester:-


  • > INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the YouTube Training Course. My course will help you get on the path to heroism on YouTube. In this course, I will inform you of all the information you need to know since starting the channel.
  • > WHY SUBSCRIBERS MATTER: Subscribers are the first tool for your channel and success on YouTube. I will teach you how to grow and retain subscribers. Watch a live video about this
  • > WHY BRANDING MATTER: Your channel is very much like a store. Your presentation style and branding are all you need to look like a professional.
  • > CHANNEL TRAILER: First, you need impressions. To those who are not subscribers to your channel, you need to make a trailer so that your channel can win their hearts.


> CREATE A CHANNEL: You need a beautiful name when you create a channel. You will find a name that everyone can remember very easily. (Watch the video about it) When you tell people around you, they should be easy to find and you might even say comforter. A large number of viewers will respond when your video goes viral. Therefore, channel neem will be specified keeping in mind all your nearest and distant viewers.

> BE FOUND: Now you have to be sure how viewers on YouTube find your video? Those who want to ensure success always make videos targeting their viewers. That is, they do not create videos at will. Their target is to make videos mainly for these age groups. Also, they customize their video properly. So that the viewer finds something special. Plus, the viewer can easily find the video with the right thumbnails, metadata, and catchy titles. If the video is viral then the video goes out to more viewers and YouTube gets a lot more views.

> KEEP THEM WATCHING: Audience When watching and liking your video, keep uploading videos regularly and arranging videos neatly into playlists so they return to watching your videos again.

> DRIVE FANDOM: Once you’ve done all three of the above, you’ll be able to merge your channel fans. Try to be gentle with them and meet their needs so that you have a strong fanbase.


When you make your debut as a YouTuber, you have to face regular problems. (Watch the video live) Keeping your video quality up, what kind of message you want Audience to give, will you be able to quickly branding your channel? To avoid this problem and work with YouTube, find out the answer to this question –

  • 1. Do you know (in the sense of work)? Do you know the definition of success?
  • 2. What is causing your channel to collapse all the time? How are other creators of the same category doing well? What do you love to do and why?
  • 3. Who are your visitors?
  • 4. How would you like your channel to look in five years?
  • 5. Who is your favorite youtube? Which of their actions do you remember the most?

Then to understand the fans, you need to know who they are? Your fans will be keeping an eye on all the changes to your channel. You have to be sure that your video is good for them and they want to see it. You must first consider the comments and opinions of your fans. Here are some questions –

  • 1. What do you want to offer in your video?
  • 2. Does your video make an impact near your particular audience?

YouTube is a community where you can spread your video around the world by following some rules. So create something that has little impact. So you should set aside some time to create a video.

  • 1. When you are free, you plan the video, then script it, then you make the video and finally edit it cleanly.
  • 2. Plan something for branding your channel. Sketch your channel logo and banners and set up customized logos and banners by setting up and reviewing them.
  • 3. This is the most important aspect of YouTube Analytics. There are several aspects to analyzing your success. Views, Subscribers, Minutes Watched, Watching videos from many countries and more.

You plan to be passionate about spending time on your channel and for your channel. Hey, ask your audience what they want? Then your job will be half easy.


  • 1. Be strong
  • 2. Think creatively
  • 3. Consider the fans
  • 4. Specify some goals
  • 5. Note everything
  • 6. Plan on taking the next step

> WHAT’S IN A NAME: What is most needed when channeling is the name. Everyone knows your channel by name. And you would prefer a name that you like today to be the same in the next month or year. Remember that your channel name is your brand. So if you change the name later, it will take a long time to get back to the previous state.


  • 1. Select the desired name
  • 2. Adjust channel settings
  • 3. Add channel logo and banner.

> YOUR YOUTUBE WORLD PREMIER: After reading the channel and providing the trailer for the videos on the channel, your first task is to upload a good video. You will use the correct format when editing the video. The first thing you do after uploading a video is to use a title that is related to the video, and do not write anything that will offend the viewer. Then pay attention to this, if you were a viewer, did you watch this video or not? Then you will see that you can do everything beautifully. Then don’t make video descriptions too big. Tell us about your video in 2-3 lines. Write it down as if it were a click. Then give the tag. Use the title of the title given in the short tag. By no means use tags outside the video. Then the channel will be at risk. Then use a thumbnail on your video. This will increase the demand for your video manifold. Show a thumbnail theme on your video nicely. Do not use pictures or characters that are not in the video. Once uploaded, you can make final edits using the YouTube built-in edit if needed. Then use the cards in the video. This will increase your video view a lot. With this card, Aliens will be able to easily watch one of your videos and move on to another. Then after two to three days, you will get an idea of ​​the progress of your video by watching Analytics. At the same time, you will try to give a nice answer to the viewer’s views. This will enhance your fanbase community.

If you try to upload at certain times, your subscribers and non-subscriber viewers will find your video easily at a given time.

Hopefully, those who are new have learned a lot.

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