Twenty thousand taka a month from Twitter does not matter. Get started now. 100% effective.

What do we do on Twitter? Tweet, retweet and follow my mind by raising followers. What if your tweet gets a good amount of income? What! Did you fall from the sky? Income is on Twitter? You think I’m trying to make flowers before April comes? Wait –

To earn from Twitter you must first have an account or stay. Your account must have at least 100 to 500 followers and a minimum of 100 posts. And the hardest thing is that the account must be 28 days or a month to make the income.

What you are thinking right now is how will Twitter be earned? Right. Shortcut says, your post will be placed on the AIDS and click on the AIDS. Most surprisingly, in most AIDS you can determine how much money you want per click. Then you realize that if you want to make a bid on how much money you pay per click, then you have to be quite weighty. But even if you are not in the weight, you will still get a minimum of 10 takas per click. And if the weight is on the door, then the rate is up to $ 150-400 per click. See here

Now, who wants to know who will install AIDS? Hey Brother, the sponsors will give AIDS. Some online sponsors are sitting on a sack of money to pay you, but you need to find a trusted AIDS site. Today, I will introduce you to 5 AIDS sponsored sites.

1. First, there are the sponsored tweets. It’s a well-known and trusted ad site in the Twitter world, allowing you to place ads with every post and fix how many dollars you want per click. However, to get AIDS from here, your account must have 50 followers and 100 posts or tweets. No need to rush to earn. They will check if you have posted 100 in one day for income or have made 100 tweets about a month. When we hear about income, we make mistakes so we have to be very careful.

2. Post intelligence or My likes. They were formerly known as My Likes. They are quite famous. In addition to Twitter, blogs provide ads for popular sites like Tumblr. They are different Advertiser ads add to PPC or Pay Per Click process. You get 34 bucks per click. If your post after just 10 clicks daily, then about 340 takas daily will be deposited in your pocket. And about Tk 10200 a month. Click and if the result is higher then the click will be higher. And the post-sharing will also click.

3. Another popular AIDS sponsored network name. They offer auto ads on each of your posts, but after you apply, they will check your profile to see if it is clean or does it mean the ideal ID for income. No random ads are provided here. Advertisers will also look at your profile before adding it. Then the income will start. Their income rate is quite alluring.

4. Rev Twt. It is also a PPC platform. That means pay per click system. Their specialty is that if you have a lot of fruit, you will get more ad campaigns for a certain number of fruit. That means multiple AIDS will go to a post. The amount of income is inflated. You can only raise $ 20. See details

5. Twitter. The first ad-sponsored network in the history of Twitter. You can also specify how much you want per click on this site. However, if the advertiser thinks you have given the right click rate according to your profile then there is a competition to show the ad. Every time you post, select the right category here. In that proportion, the correct ad is placed here. You can only make 30 dollars.

I know one person who is earning more than $ 800 a month from an AIDS sponsored network, unlike his three IDs. No IP issues to work with here. You can have ten IDs from a PC, but each IDE must be original. From a PC you can earn 5 accounts by joining five different ads sponsored networks.

Income from Twitter because people in Bangladesh could not do so. But those who know are going to swell. Because the competition starts to lose value as we see on YouTube. The content maker has numbers than viewers. However, it is not difficult to earn on any platform through mindful work. You can think of Twitter without worrying about Facebook. Because the income from Twitter has been around for almost a decade. However, Facebook’s income process is still in process. However, I know a great technique that you can follow the rules properly from Facebook to start your income. In the next, I will bring the process of income with Facebook.

Remember, there are many ways to earn on Twitter, such as profile banner cells, buy product sales, and special sponsored ads. I’m not just stopping here. Very soon I will come up with a detailed tutorial on the five AIDS sponsors I have shared with you. That’s why you have to subscribe to the Bell icon so that you get all my posts and videos.

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