This Man Simulated a Traffic Jam on Google Maps with 99 Smartphones

Google Maps has advanced to be one of the top decisions for exploring the city. One of the key highlights of the stage must be the live traffic data that lets you plan your drive as per the traffic conditions.

In case you’re ignorant, Google Maps changes the shade of streets into orange or red dependent on the traffic force. Google depends on the quantity of Google Maps clients in a specific region to pass judgment on the traffic. A man named Simon Weckert has figured out how to make a virtual congested road that could show a vacant road as swarmed with moderate moving traffic.

To accomplish this “hack”, Weckert utilized 99 cell phones. He set every one of these telephones in a pushcart and strolled down a road. Incidentally, Google Maps indicated the in any case void road as incredibly swarmed with traffic.

“99 cell phones are moved in a pushcart to produce virtual congested road in Google Maps. Through this action, it is conceivable to turn a green road red which has an effect in the physical world by exploring vehicles on another course to abstain from being trapped in rush hour gridlock.”, composed Simon Weckert in the video portrayal.

While this is a cunning exhibit of the defect in Google’s live rush hour gridlock expectation, hacks as these could positively burn through the hour of individual drivers who are presently compelled to re-course. Ride-hailing vehicles would presumably be the most-influenced ones in the event that another person attempts to pull off this trick.

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