The Titanic did not sink! But what happened to the fate of the Titanic Find out.

Few people knew about the Titanic before watching James Cameron’s Titanic movie in 1997, and after watching the movie, the Titanic took the place of most people. Scenes of this movie have made millions of people cry. But today’s thing is the Titanic sank or was it a hoax? What happened to Think you are moving to? Let’s try to know everything. More than 100 years ago, a designer named “Thomas Andrew” designed the Titanic and said that the Titanic will never sink. Now you may be wondering was there a reason why he said it would not sink? Let’s talk about its design.

The Titanic had many compartments and were separate from one and the intermediate transit gates were completely watertight, only to the Titanic at that time, and these systems are now used on all ships and submarines.

Now let us know what is the benefit of this commentary? The science book of Class Eight reads that huge iron vessels float in the water while a piece of iron sinks. The essence of an object floating in water is, “If the weight of water removed by the object is greater than the object, then any object will float in the water.” If you are a student of science, you can easily understand this theory. Now, in the words of the compartment, for example, there is a total of twenty compartments inside a ship, and now in one of the accidents, the outer part of the vessel was pierced. And from there the water entered. In this case, the closure of the compartment where the water has entered, then the water will only fill that compartment but it will not be able to enter the rest. This means that even if there is a large hole in the ship, the vessel will float effortlessly into the water. That is because, the theory says, the weight of the water removed by the ship will be higher than that of the ship.

When the Titanic sank, it was April 8, 2012, and multiplied Some more people die at the same time. Such a ship accident is rare. Robin Gardner wrote his book Titanic: the ship that never sank in the 1999th? The book claims that the Titanic did not sink, and similarities were found in the words of the Titanic survivors. They said that with the submerged Titanic, the logo was slightly different and its color was somewhat raw.

According to this author, April 8 is the 12th On the date, another ship called the Olympics sank. I know you might be scolding the author of this post now and you can’t deliver anything. So let’s find out more –

The Titanic and the Olympics were built by the same shipbuilding company and they had the same appearance and were the same company in their service. The difference between these two ships was only in name but an inexperienced person can’t understand their other differences. Besides, if you ask Google Mama, you will be amazed at the pictures you get and you will find that they were twins.

As I said a little earlier, the compartments were only for the Titanic and the Titanic was built after the Olympics. So naturally, there were no compartments in the Olympics. Titanic and the Olympics were under a company called White Star Line. It was owned by JP, a cunning trader in history. Morgan. One day there was an accident with an Olympic ship named Hawk. The Olympics were insured but the insurance company said they would not pay any money. Morgan, who was in a great financial crisis later and spent a lot of money to make the Olympics fit. One day the renovation continued and on the other, the new shipments came to a close. This new ship was the Titanic. At this time he pays, he has a lot of gold, and with this gold, he will move to New York to set up a new business door and ship business he cannot. And this time he got insurance from the same company for gold. If the gold is stolen or lost in an accident, the insurance company will pay him $ 8 million. Just calculate how much was this money a hundred years ago?

As seen in Robin Gardner’s book, JP Morgan has terrific plans. He wanted to go to the Olympics instead of the Titanic, and changing the logo would make it difficult for anyone other than Expert to distinguish the Titanic and the Olympics. And since the Olympics were now in the works for renovation, it would not be a problem to continue to be titanic. And if an accident could happen during the journey, he would get two insurance money. However, no one can say whether he actually sent the gold and it is still debated in America. And she did enough lifeboat plays on the ship but it was not enough because of the time delay.

The survivors could not believe that such a large ship would sink in an ice rush. They knew the water would not enter when the compartments were closed. But as it turned out, water was entering through the door and into other rooms. Robin Gardner took info from various places to write this book, and those survivors of those records said, “It is impossible to sink such a huge ship just by the ice. There was a slight noise when it hit the ice. If the snow was too big, there would be loud noises and the vibration would be the same, but they could not find anything.

The weight of the Titanic was 46,328 tons. If it was pushed with ice, then the movement of water would be stopped if the compartments were closed. But the details of the incident say that they did not remember it or not at Tarahuro’s time after such an incident. Well, was it really a compartment on a sinking ship? And the Olympic but before the Titanic was built and had no compartments.

At the time of the Olympics, the weight of the reggae was 45,324 tons. But when it was re-weighed for Regi Renewal in 1913, it saw its weight increase to 46,328 tonnes. If we look good then we can understand that it was not Titanic in any way, it was the Olympics. Also, since the Titanic sank, so far hundreds of expeditions have been carried out on a sinking ship. And why are millions of millions of money being wasted? The reason is that J.P. Morgan tried to find gold. But after finding the Titanic under the water, the robot could not find it, but a gold piece was not found anywhere on the ship. And think about the current market price of this gold. So it is still a mystery whether gold was!

Find the Titanic underwater “Ballard”. Then many people on the submarine went down to see the underwater Titanic and about six thousand objects were found. That is, they went to see the Titanic and brought various items. UNESCO subsequently declared the Titanic as an underwater world heritage.

The first day is the first day of Baisakh, as on April 14, the next day is April 15. This day, 1500 passengers Salil becomes a tomb. How coincidental is it? 15th April, 1500 passengers died! Also, the Olympic (Titanic) was in service for 1935 years and then retired. On its first trip to New York, it was supposed to take in more than 2200 passengers. But after being defeated by the greed of some, the king finally ended his journey without being unaware of the crown. Does a creator not know about his creation? What a creator does not know is that he designed his creation in such a way that the sea could not swallow them! But these are just myths. Titanic is now a curse name. The center of which has been composed of numerous fabricated stories. It has ever been said that inside it was carrying a woman idol so that the ghost had massed! That sinks the ship. It is also said that some such myths are dispersed because the Creator cannot even sink them. But no one tells the real story. However, it is true that truth is never hidden. It will be revealed. One day ago or one hundred years later. We know the exact story of it eighty years later but a movie has consumed us in such a way that we forget which is true and which is false!
What do you think now? Olympic or Titanic, who drowned? Please comment and comment.

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