Learn the exact rules for tagging YouTube and get 100% more views. How to Tag YouTube Video Properly?

Are you tagging correctly?

There are 8 rules for tagging.

  • > Specific Tag
  • > Compound Tag
  • > Generic Tag
  • > Miss-leading Tag

Now let’s not know how to apply these 4?

  • > Specific Tag: Suppose I’m a movie maker and I have a channel where a movie is published. The name of my movie is “Nawab” and it is a Bangladesh-India joint production movie. Now if you want to publish it on YouTube then you have to give a specific tag. The specific tag here is the name of the movie. For example: 1. Nabab, 2. Nawab, 3. Nawab,. Bangladeshis will search more by entering the number 1 here. The Bengali people of India will do more searches by typing number 2 and everyone will search by typing number 3 if they use Bengali font. After which the movie was created under a banner? Jazz Multimedia in Bangladesh and Sky Movies in India. These two names should be given as tags. Then there are some songs inside the movie. The title of the song will be the specific tag. Basically, specific tags are specific tags related to my movie or video. Which must be used in the content tag if I want to get a lot of views.
  • > Compound Tag: These are just some of the tags inside my movie or video. For example, a hero who works in front of a camera and a director or producer who works behind the scenes. All of them will be named here. Heroes, heroines, directors (if they are popular, they are required to name them) to use their names. And if you want to get acquainted with yourself, make a page and use the tag here as the page and promote the page. Everything will be marketed together. Note: Here you will directly set your video title. Don’t give a word We do not search YouTube or Google for a word. Even less. Also if the third-party content is there, use the name of the tag whose content you are working on a little change. If he is popular, your video will be exposed.
  • > Generic Tag: Is your movie or video religious? Use that. If this is the case with the Nawab movie then one must use the Thriller movie. And if you have your content and it is related to “money income” then it will be “make money, how to earn money, how to make money, online income, etc.” “These are the things that will make the video a presentation. Is it entertaining me then? Then there will be entertainment. Education. If technology is sci-fi or science-technology etc. Then is it Bangla video or another language? Bangla video / Bengali video.
  • > Miss-leading Tag: This is misleading. For example, my Nawab movie will be seen by many but I cannot search for the correct spelling. Or my channel can’t spell or search for the full name. But those who are doing so will not watch the video? Must watch and you have to convey it to them. How to give an example. The name of the movie is Nawab. But many people will search for this, lacking in nawab, nawab. That’s why these tags have to be given. Someone will write nabab to nobab / nobav / navab, etc. You will have to search Google to find what he or she is searching for. Most of the misspellings you list are the ones that are being searched for the most. Give them misleading. You can also search by entering another channel name. Like many people search online by writing onlain, onlin, onlaine. But they are in my head. How do you know? Those who call me see that the name of the channel can not be pronounced correctly. So saying that will prevent them from watching the video? Rather, the number is much higher. Many people call the help/help. Their search value will be understood when you check analytics. Understand that the most searched in the channel with a name in 28 days. Besides, you can also find the Google search list by which the channel is being searched. These misspellings are misleading tags.

If you give more than 2 /3rd search tags from these options, it is enough. Even if you do not give the 500-letter tag, it will still be enough for you. Because you put tags of all types in the video. It will rank very quickly. And off-page SEO is a must. By doing this, the search engine is typed by the tag you are searching for, then quickly uploads your video to YouTube.

There’s another trick. Applying this will increase your channel view by at least 20-20%. I’ll write again later.

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