How to create a Skrill account and verify 100%?

Most of the users who are involved in freelancing or online income online have to use Skrill account. Scroll makes simple money transactions. Some websites only pay through Skrill. This is where your Skrill account is needed.

How to open a Skrill account

First, you have to click on Then click on REGISTER.

Here is the step to PERSONAL ACCOUNT. But if you want to open BUSINESS ACCOUNT, you need to BUSINESS / NEED A BUSINESS ACCOUNT? Click here to create. Since most of the time PERSONAL ACCOUNT is required, only the rules for creating a personal account are described here. An email address and national identity card/driving license/passport will be required to create the account.

  • > Click OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT first. Then you will see a page called OPEN YOUR FREE ACCOUNT. You must enter your email address and a strong password at EMAIL and PASSWORD. Then you will need to reset your password at CONFIRM PASSWORD. Then click on NEXT.
  • > This time, a page containing PERSONAL DETAILS will be provided to give you personal information. Here is FIRST NAME, SURNAME (LAST NAME), DATE OF BIRTH. Be aware that your national identity card or any other security papers should provide everything as you have been informed.
  • > The next step is to set your COUNTRY & WALLET CURRENCY. The BANGLADESH and I use sections will be marked USD (US DOLLAR) from the I live in a box. If it is not marked then select USD. \
  • > Here is the ADDRESS BOX. All your addresses need to be set correctly here. Your address 1, address 2, postal code (zip code), you need to set these and give NEXT.
  • > Now the last step is to enter your MOBILE NUMBER. Then I have to fill the captcha on a not-so-robot. Your email will then go through a VERIFICATION MAIL. You have to pay to verify the mail. This will make your account. Then the Email & Password box will appear for you to log in. From here, if you login with your email and password, a page like the following will appear.

Now you can use TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION / CREATE A PIN if you like. This will strengthen the security of your account. The PIN must be six digits. Then SAVE will bring the following pages: This is your original account.

Rules for verifying Skrill accounts

Once your account has been created, you will be able to initiate financial transactions. However, you cannot do more than a certain amount of transactions unless you verify the account. To verify your account, you need to take at least USD 0.01 from any account or any freelancing site. To verify the account you need to have a national ID, driving license or passport. Let’s Verify Skrill –

Clicking on the SETTINGS option will bring you the text of VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT after your account receives $0.01. Now click on VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT. This time another page will come up. Scroll down to see VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT.

Now clicking on VERIFY MY ACCOUNT will bring up VERIFY YOUR DETAILS. Clicking on the VERIFY YOUR ID will bring up another tab. From there you have to verify via a web camera. If you do not have a webcam then you have to download the app from the Play Store and verify it.

Now clicking on VERIFY NOW will bring up the box below.

See above Passport, Identity card, Driver’s license, there are 3 options. From here you can verify the options of your choice.

As far as I know, most people will want to verify with a national ID card. You need to click on the IDENTITY CARD text. Then if you have a webcam then it will open directly. Then holding the front of your National ID card and clicking on taking SNAPSHOT, the picture on the front will go up. This way you have to take a picture on the back of the card. Once this is done, your verification will be completed. This time VERIFY ACCOUNT OWNERSHIP will be automatically turned on and reviewed. Finally, you will need to scan a copy of your Electricity Bill or take a picture and submit it to VERIFY YOUR LOCATION.

Your account will be verified within 3-5 days. Once verified, when you click on the SETTINGS option, it will say ‘YOUR IDENTITY HAS BEEN VERIFIED’.

As you can see above the account is fully verified. Notice the green color that says NO LIMIT. In his name, our account is now fully verified and any amount can now be traded smoothly.

If you follow the above rules completely, it doesn’t matter if you create or verify a Skrill account. Remember that the websites keep updating. Because of that Registration options may be later. It doesn’t matter When you read the entire article it will be easy for you. If you create and verify a Skrill account, be sure to share the article with your other friends. Thanks.

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