Google AdMob's A to Z Guidelines for Marketing

I gave you a tutorial on how to market apps. Today I’ll give you some tips and details on how to do apps marketing. Maybe a lot of things will still be missed but if you have questions about them in the comment box, I will answer them all. How to do apps marketing? Before you know it, you have to know the answers to many questions about Adobe. By doing so you can get a better solution than me. So let’s know the answers to 10questions about AdMob.

1- Is Adobe’s job to publish the app?

Not at all. It only provides ad code.

2- How many ads can be shown daily in one app?

It is important to know many things here. If you use an app and see that the ad is coming 5-6 times in a minute then you will get annoyed. If the app is not very useful, then delete it. And if you click on the ad and come back to the bank immediately. This will increase the number of invaded clicks. In. The higher the click, the more likely you are to suspend AdSense. And if you think the end of the day is the last word. So I want to say that hundreds of dollars are being deposited in the account every day, but if you can’t raise it at the end of the month, what is the profit? Isn’t it better to invest in a secured dollar than a customer? Now, if you have more minutes per minute, use 2-3 ad. My recommendations are 1 aid. At 60 o’clock. About 1500 AIDS a day. Besides, if 1 dollar is deposited per click, there is no possibility of loss.

3- How to get one dollar per click?

It’s a long process. I’ll tell you about it separately in the next video from Adobe.

4- ID is being suspended even after I repeatedly account. What is the reason?

Remove from any Info Phone or PC. Windows on the PC and flash on the phone. Change the IP. Remove browser caches. Remove history Don’t use any previous mail. If still suspended then your device is banned. And you’ve been mailed about that. Now tell the Internet Provider to change your Mac address. Then Google’s father has no power to ban you.

5- Can you work from one IP to about 10 phones daily by clicking?

Don’t act like that. Adsense ban when self-clicked.

6- How do I add AdSense to Adobe ID?

No need to separate AdSense. Once the AdMob is done, the AdSense ID becomes auto. Only when you log in to AdSense will you understand.

7- How can I get more revenue from apps?

Build better apps. If it gains popularity, income will increase lonely. There is no separate magic here. Don’t even go to magic. Google is a bigger magician than we are. You will lose.

8- Can I use VPN?

Not at all. To be honest

9- What kind of apps is more income?

Browsers and gaming apps. Earning apps may be a one-time income, but it is not guaranteed.

10- I work in groups. Everyone is getting a good income using a VPN for a few days. I do not click myself. Can it be a ban?

Hum will be ben. Because, even if you work with different IPs, you are getting a certain number of clicks from certain IPs and devices every day. By doing this you are getting caught. Going into the 21st Century to try to fool science is like pushing walls.

11- Need some site names to build apps?

Upswagger, ThinkBall, EpicBuilder, Android Studio.

The wait is over. This time we will learn the techniques of marketing a lot of wanted apps. The first thing you need to believe in marketing apps is the “outreach in the promotion” – your app is not good at all but it is a matter of 3-4 days if you get at least 100 users if you can do good marketing. If you follow the process shown in this video step by step, the future of the app will be very bright. Here are some of the processes that I will tell you, after a long time of practice and then you are given your suggestions. Because I said a month ago about video marketing on app marketing. So let’s know the marketing tips this time –

1- Note the figure inside your app. Then show the reason why people will use your apps. Don’t mess around. Some time ago I created a browser app. I have bookmarked the sites there. Then I mentioned which sites I needed. When you mention your apps for marketing, which part is needed for them, it will create a lot of fun in the audience. They should at least be interested in seeing the apps. Nothing more than a browser app. But the apps I made just mark what part is needed. Everyone will use it for what. This may have sparked everyone’s interest, so it only downloads around 72 pm in the evening. And after about four weeks its users are 700+. I was quite surprised to see that too. Promote anything honestly. This will not spoil your trust in the user even if your things are normal.

2- If you do not have a blog, please create a blog page now. Then, since your app is not published on a popular site, write an article on what is in your app and who can take advantage of it as before. Then upload the link to MediaFire or any other file hosting site and give it a link. Then share the link to your blog post with Facebook and friends. No need to force anyone. Explain to him why he sees the apps.

3- Take a screenshot of your apps. And do a few 30-59 second videos with some action videos. Then say why everyone will use it. When speaking, adhere to the artistry of a little speech. For example, when we say “the glass is half empty” it sounds pretty sight. Instead, say “half full of glass.” People will like you just for the admission word. But Lau is that bitter. Only your presentation will change the fate of the app. Once the video is done, start uploading the video everywhere on Instagram. Share more. Remember, you cannot share more than 10 links in a single day from a Facebook ID. If you try more then the ID will be at risk and will be banned for spamming.

4- If you can afford it, publish it on the Google Play Store. I do not want to elaborate. Because if you publish on the play level, what would you do with this video? I know that too.

5- But there are several steps you need to go through to publish in the Play Store. For example, typing the name of the app. After that, what the app does is say about 100 characters more. Introducing Apps Developer Specifying which device the app will support. Then take about 4-5 interesting screenshots from the apps. Then publish with money. You don’t have to pay here. You write a beautiful post. Put these things in there. Then publish the blog and give the link to everyone. It will work in the dust. I follow this rule. I called the secret.

6- If you don’t want to bother with this, then some popular PlayStars will allow you to publish your apps for free. Not even one will charge. Among these are Aptoide, AppZoom, Netzer, Wanmobile and the famous Amazon. The video will come up next with how you publish apps on them. There are many anonymous Play Stores. But I excluded those sites that are popular for free app publishing.

7- Wherever you are promoting the app, the most important need is an interesting app icon. The thumbnail is needed in the video as it is needed in the app.

8- Heard the name of SEO but did you hear the name of ASO? This is App Store optimization. If you can do ASO properly then you can get hundreds of downloads with just one post on Facebook. As I did For this you have to use screenshots of some interesting apps, icons, descriptions, surveillance apps. The length of the video has already grown, as a result of a one-month study. But I’ll try to make a separate video about it.

9- Convert the link in your app with the QR code. Then print the entire decade, put the photocopy shop, college varsity canteen, print the room in the room and tell about the app above. See how to download it. Only in Bangladesh, many large companies set up their products through dealers at the time of sale. Because visiting, it means he became a customer.

Hopefully, if you follow any of the things I said, it will take 3 days if you have too many downloads to get 5 downloads. You share this video with everyone, many will need it. How to do app marketing? To answer this question, I did this for a month visiting various sites.

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