Do you know how Google is banning you after clicking ad using a VPN?

When you use a VPN you only use it for a short time. Then you go back to the local IP again. Google is collecting the last 30 days of your device’s net usage record. In fact, Google is not doing this.
I give myself. You’re using the net. In that case, Google can easily track your location and device
through the Internet. This makes Google identify your location alone. By doing this they understand that you illegally click the ad.

You may ask, will Google ban me if I go outside the country and then click on AIDS?

Because I already said that Google will track your location by using the Internet. You are connecting
to local IP as long as you use the net on foreign soil. That way Google understands your device is in another country.

Another question might be, can’t I stay out of the country when I last used the net? Can I also be in a country in Europe where there can be a borderline of 3-5 countries at the same time?

Your question has a logic. But sir, as you well know, when you use the net on the Bangladesh border, the country is invisibly marked next to all the sites. Such as Google Bangladesh, Google India, Google UK. When you are using Google at the border of Bangladesh, there is a satellite
on your head that sends your net usage to Info Auto Google. When you are going to the Indian border with this satellite, your web address is changing in the name of Google India.
Hopefully, your site is well understood for the reasons why VPN is getting banned for use. This is the first one to reply to you in Bengal.

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