Best apple watches

Like with most new tech, Apple wasn’t the first to market when smartwatches hit — but true to form, they perfected the technology when they launched the Apple Watch.

Apple Watches do all the things other smartwatches do — they can alert you when you get an email or text message, they can track your daily progress toward fitness goals, and they can act as a remote control for music apps, for starters — but they also integrate perfectly into Apple’s iOS ecosystem of complementary devices. That means that they’re designed to help you get more out of the Apple products you already own; so for example, every Apple Watch can make your iPhone emit a tone in case it gets lost nearby, and they can also be used to answer phone calls received on the iPhone.

If you’re ready to extend the iPhone experience to your wrist with apps and notifications, now’s the time: There are plenty of Apple Watch models to choose from, and they get discounted regularly. Read on for the essentials about the Apple Watch.

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