An uncomplicated software for scanning documents to your computer

Most people are kind of intimidated by using digital scanners, and that’s not surprising. These devices seem complicated and weird, but they aren’t difficult to use at all. However, the difficult part is looking for good software that can complement your scanner and give you an easy scanning experience. With scanners and computers being so expensive, the software you’re gonna use should ideally be cheap or free. Fortunately, Media Freeware has software that would be perfect to fill those needs and that’s the Free Scanner Software.

Simple Design

Free Scanner Software is a simple and free software developed by Media Freeware. Its main function is to receive and save images from scanners. First of all, the software is easy to install. With just a few clicks, the software will immediately be up and running.

Looking at the interface of the software, you could tell that the developers were really going for a no-nonsense and straightforward design. The most important thing of note in the software is the menu toolbar at the top, the sidebar to the left of the screen, and the viewing window in the remaining space. The sidebar displays the thumbnails of the pages you scanned. This allows users to view all of their pages easily and jump around to different pages quickly. On the other hand, the viewing window is where you can actually view the page. You’ll be able to review the pages that you scanned with more accuracy and clarity.

The menus at the top are also simple and straightforward. First, you have the scan button which is pretty self-explanatory. Pressing this will begin the scanning process. Next are the Save PDF and Save Images buttons which allows you to choose how you want to save your files. Finally, you have the PDF & Email button which is used to send the scanned files to emails. There are also Rotate buttons to let you edit the orientation of your files. Finally, there are the Profiles, About and Exit buttons. Profiles allow you to edit your scanner properties while about directs you to the developer’s site.

Perfectly Functional

The Free Scanner Software is perfectly functional even with its obvious simplicity. It scans images quickly and efficiently. Saving the scanned files to PDF and images was also an uncomplicated affair. As long as you don’t need any extra functions other than scanning and saving files, the Free Scanner Software would be completely sufficient for your needs.

No Helpful Tips

One big problem with this software is the fact that it does not provide any kind of tips to help users. It does not have any FAQs or tutorials. People who often use scanners will have no problems, but people who’ve never used scanners will likely be lost. Even with its simplicity, the software still uses a lot of jargon that would confuse the layman.

Could Be Better

Ultimately, this software does work and it works quite well. However, there is still a lot about it that could be improved. For example, adding some tutorials or FAQs would be extremely helpful to the users. It would also be nice if the files could be saved in other file formats such as .epub, .doc, and more.

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